About Us

Best Five Star Pharmacy is not just another pharmacy.   We take pride in helping patients understand the drugs they are taking as well as filling their prescriptions.  We always go the extra mile to help our patients; be it taking down hard to find products or looking high and low for anything our patients need, and we are much, much more.

We still practice the art of compounding medications.  This creates a product that is not commercially available, but a doctor or other healthcare professional feels it is necessary; we are members of the Professional Compounding Center of America, which is the gold standard for all things related to compounding medicines.  The organization provides instructions for making, literally, thousands of compounds.  (We do not yet do sterile compounding.)

We also have an extensive vitamin and supplement department.  We carry Hispanic products (Mexican, Colombian, Ecuadorian, Dominican, and more), Polish products as well as an extensive selection of American products, and we ship.  We carry products from many companies, and we will search for products that you request.

Best Five Star Pharmacy is an old-fashioned pharmacy.  We compete successfully with the ever-growing number of super chain stores by providing each patient with the care, respect, and dignity he or she deserves; we are a traditional neighborhood pharmacy with all the up-to-date features.